Luxury living in a remarkable setting. The site and its setting exude an enchanting sense of tranquility.

A contemporary architectural expression which blends harmonically into the landscape, perfectly integrating indoor and outdoor living experience. The hilly terrain and slopes provide spectacular views of the valley below, where sky meets sea.

Architecture Concept

"A pure architectural expression of the climate of Cyprus and the topography of this singular site.The design blends into the slope and opens to the sky to provide an expansive, luxurious living space where the division between interior and exterior disappears; making the most of the Mediterranean island lifestyle. While the clean, modern forms ensure that the architecture will be forever relevant.”


Philip Olmesdahl

Architect- Director SAOTA


Luxurius Spaces

Beautiful local stone walls hide the fragility of the glass constructs that composes the house design and introduces its modern ingenuity and characteristic architectural presence. Fallowing the brief of the client the architects firm SAOTA Architects had secured free open spaces for entreating guests and more privet, cozily arranged zones for the family.

The Ground floor internal living areas opens onto an expansive outdoor terrace, living area and pool which enjoys the full extent of the South lighting throughout the day and light breezes. 


Virgin Landscape

Warm Mediterranean climate and mellow breezes. The tranquillity of nature a stone’s throw away from the buzz of modern city life. Lavender and thyme waft through the morning air, and a stroll in organic gardens where fresh produce is grown allows you to pick the freshest ingredients to eat later in the day. Simply, it’s sublime

The Ground floor comprises of bedrooms embedded into the natural landscape. The spacious living area allows for maximum South lighting to be enjoyed throughout the day whilst providing uninterrupted access to surrounding views. The orientation of the building allows for the expansive terrace. 





Breathtaking Scenery

The interior design is dominated by the breathtaking views of the Limassol and its infinite green and blue. The site boasts spectacular views which when combined with the impact of the sun, provide the key contributing factors to the final design.

Imagine yourself living at just the right level above the sea to enjoy a local climate bubble that lets in gentle breezes and keeps humidity down, even at the height of summer. Air quality is superb, and the naturally green setting makes for a truly beautiful environment that’s also good for physical wellbeing as well as emotional and mental health.

Harmonically Blended

The architecture of the villas blend in seamlessly with their surroundings harmonically blends inside and outside and it emphasize an unpretentious way of living and express closeness to nature. Limited excavation to limit cost and the impact on the environment. The houses are embedded into the natural landscape. Due to the nature of the site access i.e. from top or bottom road.