Invest Cyprus

Why Cyprus?
Member of the European Union and Eurozone.
Strategic geographical positioning, linking Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
An efficient business climate and an attractive, robust legal and regulatory framework.
Competitive, transparent tax system with favourable investment incentives (including exemptions on withholding tax, profits from the sale of securities, dividends, and VAT).
The availability of a highly skilled, well-educated, and multilingual workforce.
Friendly and efficient business environment, highly regarded for Ease of Doing Business.
Competitively priced service provision, without compromising on efficiency, proficiency, or technological advancement
Solid, strong infrastructure, built to last.
Golf Ecosystem has been developed

Now is the Time

Cyprus is already well established as a describe place to visit, live or own property and the island’s reputation is strengthening as an international destination for golf. Limassol Hills presents the opportunity to capitalise upon this situation.  


The Limassol Hills Golf Resort project has yet to be launched, allowing the developer to both benefit from heightened competition within the construction sector, and to prepare the groundwork for the resort whilst the international resort real estate market gradually recovers. The timing could not be better. Limassol Hills  Golf Resort will redefine the benchmark for a refined and relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle.

 You can pretty much bank on 320 days of sun a year in Cyprus. That also helps explain the island’s tourist appeal - and who could resist such relaxing warm waters, and welcoming golden beaches? And away from all that there are marinas with character, opportunities for watersports, and an array of events across the year from local festivals and concerts to theatre and dance with internationally known performers.

Getting by the Cypriot way is pretty easy. Cost of living is low, and the tax regime is friendly to incomers. Add to that the benefits of a British-influenced common law legal system and very low crime rates, and you’ll understand why it’s such a popular destination. Most of the locals are fluent in English, and the atmosphere is stress-free - why get worked-up in a place as wonderfully relaxed as this? An EU member since 2004, the island uses Euros as its currency.


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