The Project

Based on the carefully constructed development plans, Limassol Hills will span around 200 hectares and will involve a €400 million development.
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We’re confident we’ve thought of everything. Taking meticulous care of every detail in what promises to be a memorable golfing experience that will reward the attentive for years to come.
  • 18-hole golf course PAR 72 & associated club house

  • Hotel, spa & wellness center

  • Branded residences

  • Fashionable resort village including restaurants, bars, cafes & retail stores

  • Integrated development close to the resort

  • 135 townhouses ranging in size from 120sqm to 140sqm

  • 121 apartments ranging from 95sqm to 120sqm

  • 520 attractive plots for the construction of a variety of villas ranging in size from 180sqm to 400sqm (net internal area) 

Resort Village  
Serving as a dynamic hub, the animated Resort Village will breathe energy into the resort. It can also act as a venue for performances, festivals and events both during the summer and into the winter. The Village will include a mix of retail, food & beverage, health and fitness facilities, entertainment and leisure components.
Boutique Hotel Suites 
The sources of market demand for the 30 luxury suites will comprise a blend of the following:
Golf Tourists
With the growing size of the lucrative golf market in Cyprus, and a critical mass of new golf courses planned on the island over the coming years, the resort should benefit from increasing demand from individual golfers and golf groups.
Weekend & Short Breaks
With the capital city, Nicosia, a short drive away, Limassol Hills Golf Resort should benefit from domestic demand for leisure activities, spa-breaks, golf, and weekend retreats.
Family Market
Cyprus is an established family holiday destination, thus this highly amenitised resort should draw significant demand from this market
Weddings & Functions
The profile of the resort and stunning scenery shall let it serve as a venue for prestigious events or product launches.
Panoramic Restaurant:
Perched atop one of the highest points on the site, offering eye-catching views of the resort and surrounding area, this amenity has the potential to become the new destination restaurant.


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Residential Development Programme

Integrated Housing - Apartments

2 bedroom 76 95 63 10 7,220
3 bedroom 45 120 37 6 5,400
  121    100 16 12,620


Integrated Housing - Townhouses

2 bedroom 41 120 30 5 4,920
3 bedroom 94 140 70 12 13,166
  135   100 17 18,086
Subtotal 256       30,706


Private Residences

3 bedroom 14 180 3 2 2,520
3 bedroom 350 190 67 45 66,500
4 bedroom 94 250 18 12 23,500
5 bedroom 56 300 11 7 16,800
5 bedroom 6 400 1 1 2,400
Subtotal 520   100 67 111,720
Total 776     100 142,426


Facts at a Glance AREA m2
Residential 142,426
Golf- Clubhouse 2,408
Hotel of 30 Suites 2,245
Spa and Fitness Center 1,000
Resort Village 1,000
Other Areas 921
Total 150,000

* adjusted to match with building coefficient in integrated development.